Sharing a post from Tom Pride.

I like Tom Pride’s blog a lot. So if he asks readers to share something, well why ever not? Especially if it is a post about something that could affect me.

It seems the police in Hastings have been helping a bad landlord to threaten somebody who has complained. The police have claimed that using cartoons as part of a website that complains is illegal.

Tom Pride’s blog post about cartoons and Hastings Police.

And this is the site that has the cartoons.

Let us be quite clear about this. In some countries, it may well be illegal to draw cartoons. But not this country. Otherwise it wouldn’t be safe for me to put any text on this nice picture of some of the Hastings police.

Not a lot of people know that.

You’ve seen these things, I’m sure. Type in daiFin,10 and it accepts it.

What you might not realise is that somebody is actually using them to get humans to read what’s in the photograph for them. I’m not sure what this task is part of, but somebody somewhere wants this information. Typing 10 works, but so does typing anything else at all. I always type penis. It always works.

Have fun.

IDS blows £120,000,000.

Duncan Smith has repeatedly maintained that universal credit will be delivered on time and on budget but, according to sources close to the project, senior civil servants have raised concerns in the past few weeks that the 2017 deadline for getting millions of people on to the programme is now unrealistic because IT systems are not working as expected and design flaws are too numerous.

 There does seem to be some sort of cognitive dissonance going on within Iain Duncan Smith, as he appears to be utterly incapable of understanding that he is messing things up horribly. This has happened to such an extent that I have seen a campaign to get him chucked out of Parliament for his constant lies, which might be unfair, as he probably doesn’t know he is lying.

Perhaps they should have let William Hague have this one, as it is believed he has experience of organising a piss-up in a brewery.