Paella for two

No, I’m not going to give you a recipe. There are thousands of them on the web, and most of the ones that don’t tell you to put chorizo in will be quite acceptable. Here are the ingredients I used.

The onion gets cooked in olive oil until it’s soft first, then the chicken, garlic, peeled deseeded tomatoes, and paprika go in.

Once they seem to be done enough, add the rice, as above, and stock. This is chicken stock from a stock cube (I know, I should be using home made stock, but I’ve run out of it) with some saffron added. Unlike a risotto, where you add the stock a bit at a time, it all goes in at once for a paella. Try not to stir it any more than you need to to stop it sticking to the pan.

I really ought to have a lid that fits this pan.

The finished dish, garnished with fresh parsley. I had to wash the parsley very thoroughly, as the rain had enticed numerous small slugs onto it, that I had no interest in eating.