Weather Station woes….

If you were making a weather station, you would try to make it waterproof. But you have to try harder, Fine Offset of China. Your WH1040 dies when the rain gets in…

Rain may only fall vertically in China, perhaps, so the marvellously cheap weather station I got from Maplin, just before they mysteriously went bust, would do there. But this is Wales, and the wind blows up the hill, carrying rain upwards with it, and it gets into the electronics and stops it working. It should look like this on the computer, although those maximum wind speeds are just plain wrong, thanks to EasyWeather corrupting its database.

I have a spare control unit, found on eBay, and wanted to swap them round, but the clever cover that keeps rain from above off somehow welded itself to the control unit. I removed it with BF&I.

Data is coming through! And it has even uploaded to Weather Underground!

And, now, having typed that, I look again, and it has stopped working.

Oh, well… Hang on, it’s back! Electronics, don’t you just love them?

Greenhouse computer, part the third.

Click for bigger!

Here’s the greenhouse computer in situ. The air from the fan is now directed across the sensors on the Sense HAT, with the intention of measuring the temperature of the air in the green house, rather than the air in the case that the Pi 3 has warmed up. It’s just a balsawood duct, as thats an easy material to cut and glue.

The small case above the main one contains a Pi compatible camera with a fish eye lens and two infra red lights, for night photography.

The program it runs is fairly long, and specific to this hardware combination, but I can add it if anyone asks…