The Nebra Anybeam HAT

 Is the Nebra AnyBeam “HAT” a secret?

I ask, because I have still seen no reviews at all of this fine thing in any of the magazines, or online. Here’s mine. The paint on the study wall is not an ideal screen, and there’s too much ambient light, but still..
I’ve put HAT in quotes, because this is technically not a HAT, as it doesn’t have the usual ROM for the Pi to recognise it by.


I used a Pibow case from Pimoroni to house it, with some extension pieces to raise the top high enough, and a Lego compatible base, in case I want to build it into anything made from Technic pieces at some point. The case made the Pi 3B run hot, so I added a few spacers and a heat sink, and it currently runs at about 63°C when nothing is happening.
Still trying to think of a list of things it can do…