Rick Stein’s cookery books

Now that I think about it, these are so very much more than just recipe books. They’re works of art in themselves, with terrific photography. Not just the photographs of the food itself, but the pictures of the places Rick has visited. Mind you, some folks will feel cheated when they find just how many pages are sumptious photographs, rather than recipes, perhaps.

The fish and shellfish book, as you would expect from somebody with world-famous fish restaurants, has an excellent section on the methods used to make the various dishes. Want to know how to dismantle a crab? It’s there, with clear pictures. All of his books have thoughtful descriptions of the destinations, their cultures, and anecdotes about the people Rick met, who cooked dishes from him.

Secret France, Road to Mexico, Fish and Seafood, India… I use them all.

But, I say, Rick! Using the same picture in two books? I thought I was suffering from déjà vu… Both the Fish book and India have a picture of Amritsar fish. One is zoomed in a little, but…

The same photograph in two of Rick Stein’s books.