How not to do photography.

Well, I woke up this morning… (generic blues verse)

I woke up at four in the morning, for no obvious reason, and noticed that there was very bright moonlight outside, and pretty fog in the lower ground areas. The moon was very high, though, and I would have had to use a wide angle lens, which would have made all the trees look small, so I decided to wake up again in a couple of hours, reasoning that the moon should be about 30º lower in the sky, by then.

Amazingly, I woke up at six-ish. A quick squint through the viewfinder  showed I was going to need 30 second exposures. So I went and got the tripod, and opened the bedroom window wide. Autofocus couldn’t find anything to lock on to, so I switched it off. Turned the focus ring to what I thought was infinity, and it looked OK in the viewfinder.

Mistake one. It was actually quite badly out of focus.

Mistake two. I had been taking pictures for eBay, and had left the camera set on low resolution.

Mistake three. I realised this after four shots or so, and thought I had changed it, but forgot to press Set.

Mistake four was stopping to load the first four pictures onto the computer to see how they looked. While I did that, it clouded over.

Incidentally, I have no idea why WordPress chooses to put the pictures in a sequence that is unrelated to the order they were taken in.

Mistake five was not bothering to get the remote shutter release thingy, as I thought any shaking from just pressing the button would hardly matter in a 30 second exposure.

Here are the results. Try to pretend not to see any of the problems, because they are really rather pretty anyway…..



img_3651 img_3650img_3652 img_3653 img_3654 img_3655 img_3656 img_3657 img_3658

Spot the odd one out!

Father Christmas brought me a Circular Polarising filter for my Canon 10-22mm lens. Today, I thought I’d try it out, as we had a sudden change in the weather, and saw the sun for several minutes. One of these pictures was taken without the filter, but can you tell which one? They’re all HDR shots, but with none of the exaggerated settings one sometimes sees.