Tofu squeezing

Tofu – a thing you need to know…

I tried cooking tofu several times, and was often very disappointed by the way it just broke up, and fell apart, when I tried. The results I got were nothing like the lovely illustrations people put by their recipes. Instead of pert, bouncy cubes of tofu, all I got was mush…

It tasted fine, sure, but something was wrong

There’s something they don’t tell you in those recipes, and it’s this. Tofu is basically ground up soybeans, and water. Actually, quite an astonishing amount of water! There are several grades of tofu, and the ones labelled “extra firm” have less water. Less, sure, but still a lot. You want to know how much? Look!

I treated myself to a tofu press from eBay, ignoring the ones with a wimpy little spring to do the pressing. It came with a piece of cheesecloth to wrap the tofu block in, which I did, but I had to find a usable weight. I did try balancing cans on top of the press, but eventually, I found my wife already had a suitable weight for the job…

Tofu in a press with a 6Kg weight on it and a jug with the water that squeezed out of the block.
Those standard size boxes of tofu contain over 175ml of water! Get it out, and you can cut the tofu into cubes, marinate it in something tasty, which will soak right into where the water used to be, and fry them without them falling apart. Instead, they crisp up nicely on the outside, and more importantly, they stay together as cubes.

Feel free to thank me…

Me, wearing a Panama hat, spectacles, and a fine growth of facial hair.

Author: Walrus

Just this guy, you know. To be continued...

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  1. I prefer firm and extra-firm tofu for frying because it retains its shape and consistency better. It also has water in it, but much less, and even a basic tofu press can remove what's left. Softer tofu I use in dishes where it will break up: chilli, soups, stir-fry, etc.

    You can also use a crumb coating like with Japanese agedashi dofu when frying because the crust helps it retain shape.

    And then there is always the dried, pre-cooked tofu which is easy to cook with and provides a chewy texture in a dish.I generally soak it in water briefly before using.

    Amazon and others sell tofu presses for a modest cost, although they can't offer the pressure your weight can. I've used one for a few years.

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